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About us each project is like building a house

Write.cz | Internet is our home

Write.cz company was founded in 2009 by three partners. Dusan - now the main coder and designer, Honza - the main programmer and Michal - who spends most of the phone calls. All three boys in those times, met in Brno. Once thyself said that it would be worth a couple of ideas to realize and Write.cz was born. The whole project conceived as building a house, so everyone has to worry about what he enjoys most, and what means the most...

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HONZA planner

Jan´s work as "ordinary mortal" hardly notice. But believe, that his head and come up with his fingers to write a system that you can rely on. And if you want to build even a garden house, survives hurricane, and even a few years later will have basics which you can stand a Palace on.

More about Honza...

Jan was born in Uherske Hradiste, but the landscape of his childhood and adolescence were Jizera Mountains, Czech Paradise. Eleven years live in Brno, where he was admitted to the several faculties of VUT, none did not finish. Could not resist the lure of expanding Internet and gave him all the time to study. Passed 7 web craft - Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP programming, database design, SEO and copywriting as well as administration of Linux servers. In recent years, focusing on programming and database, knowing that the professional can not do everything.

Hobbies: books, good music, bike a piffle with daughter 

Favourite food: what expects on the plate

Favourite drink: draught beer, plum brandy, Dr. Pepper



DUŠAN building leader

After Jan´s construction, the time has come for Dušan´s precision. Each pixel has its place, every action causes a reaction and everything has to work absolutely perfectly. The client is anxious and hurry? Nothing doing, Dusan unfinished project just will not let out. Even if you stand on your head.

More about Dušan...

Dusan was born in the picturesque South Bohemian town of Strakonice name, where he graduated from high school. This, however, his desire for education is far from over. True to its motto "To be a quality education must take a long time." joined at the College for School in Pisek. After completing college starts to study at Brno VUT in Brno on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Technology, in 2008, graduating as an engineer Teleinformatics field. Already in the study appeared to focus on the Internet, and gradually develop their skills in the field of web pages. In Glasgow he met with John and Michael and has since begun cooperation which has lasted more than 6 years.

Hobbies: relaxation in a horizontal position, riding a motorcycle

Favourite food: steak with potato mash, Czech cuisine in general

Favourite drink: beer

VÍTEK room painter

Vítek´s work is most visible, most beautiful and most happy. His graphic sense is simply great, and we, in Write.cz, are very pleased that we can count on him.

More about Vítek...

As one of the few in Write.cz, Vitek is native "Brňák" and certainly never intended for this beautiful city full of nice people to leave, and if so, to turn back as soon as possible. Although his interest in computers introduced to study various technical schools, the last of which was on the faculty FEEC VUT. He was always attracted smell pixels and so during studies looked at different graphic projects, from icons to 3D modeling. The boys have put together through studies and therefore had enough years to improvements in design and designing Web sites, printed materials, promotional materials and animations in flash.

Hobbies:  flat sheet beauty on four wheels, capoiera, friends, work (yes, even the work can be a hobby) and snowboarding through winter (when there is a snow on our mounds)

Favourite food: sirloin souce, tartar, but he even enjoys good Italian cuisine

Favourite drink: heavy Spanish red wine, preferably Rioja area

DAVID plasterer

David´s penchant in beating the drums identifing clacking keyboard and the mouse both buttons. Like most good plasterer is working with the building leader and room painter. And there is no doubt about his precise plasters.

More about David...

It has been over two decades since David was born in Brno. Right in his own bed which increment to his heart so much tight that if he is not "write-ing", studying, drumming and listening to the music, shooting films or chasing some gentle girls then he prioritizes this piece of furniture. He finished (with honor) his bachelor studies at VUT Brno as bachelor of Manager informatics in 2010. He continues at Master degree in nowdays. This degree is gonna be properly finished in 2012. He has got the oppurtinity to participate in Write.cz projects since 2010

Hobbies: music/drumming, web, photography and film making

Favourite food: steak, goulash, pizza, farmer's fondue

Favourite drink: 12° draught beers, wine, coffee and tea



Of course a big thanks to all the bricklayers, gardeners and pickers...