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Hosting & e-mail solution Magento hosting & webhosting

Small or large project - it does not matter. Website must be accessible. And not only for customers but also for us, as the administrator of your website. Our hosting servers are located in data centers and are connected to the backbone network.


  • 2 GB space, 200 MB upgrade every year
  • DNS administration
  • e-mails, redirecting, antispam, antivir, webmail, POP, IMAP, SMTP
  • domain/subdomains, web aliases, FTP, SSL, logs, statistcs
  • PHP, mod_rewrite, .htaccess
  • MySQL database, phpMyAdmin
  • price 100 CZK / month (4 € / month)


Magento hosting

It is known about the Magento that it can sell. But it is also true that because of its size difficult to hosting. Our servers are optimized for the Magento.

  • 16 GB RAM
  • high speed HDD
  • fast connectivity
  • price 500 CZK / month (20 € / month) / 1GB RAM (900 CZK / 36 € / month / 2GB RAM)


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