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Programming and development web development

That's what it is all about. We happy to do programming, developing, implementions, optimizations and automating. Maybe that's one reason why clients return to us. They always leave with a cool tweaks, which can not only save valuable time, but can also make money.

Our e-commerce applications are build upon open source  Magento solution  developed in Zend framework. Magento system offers wide variety of quality tools for catalog, order and customer management. Our inputs to Magento are settings based on customer needs and specialized modules for product import and export, price calculations, new shipping and payment options etc.

Specific needs, CMS, social services and other database applications are solved using custom scripts or on top of Nette framework. We exploit years of experience with PHP, MySQL, XML and SQL along with new NoSQL technologies (MongoDB, CouchDB) to create fast and scalable systems tailored precisely to customer expectations.