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2014-12-23 Krásné svátky a šťastný nový rok! Přeje Write.cz a spol.

English text not available, displaying Czech text.

Ať se Vám v roce 2015 daří!

Write.cz a jeho spolupracovníci

2014-11-03 NaseChalupy.eu Winter and summer recreation

Two recreational cottages, one website, visit www.nasechalupy.eu

2014-09-23 MisshaJihlava.cz Kamenná prodejna s kosmetikou Missha pro Vysočina

English text not available, displaying Czech text.

Spustili jsme webovou prezentaci pro kamennou prodejnu korejské luxusní přírodní kosmetiky Missha, v Jihlavě,  MisshaJihlava.cz. Všichni příznivci této značky kvalitní kosmetiky, ať z Vysočiny nebo odjinud, jsou zváni k návštěvě.

2014-08-30 MisshaShop.cz Luxury natural cosmetics eshop from Korea

MisshaShop.cz is the Czech shop with original Missha Korean cosmetics. Original brick-and-stone shop is located in Prague, Václavské náměstí (MisshaPraha.cz). We were asked to prepare a Magento shop with cosmetics and cosmetic tools. How we made it? Check it out at www.misshashop.cz

2014-07-17 Eshop Glanet.eu České skleněné pilníky pro celý svět

We really love to promote Czech quality products. One of them is glass nail file from Glanet company. Excellent treatment for your beautiful nails can be bought at eshop.glanet.eu from all around the world.

2014-06-14 Folpet.cz Cardboards and PET foils

Are you looking for school folders? Don't you know how to store your documents? Do you need a gift package for wine? We have launched a new Magento shop Folpet.cz, where you can find all of the things mentioned and other products made of cardboard and PET foils.

2014-03-08 Diva Nice Be beautiful

We've created a Magento eshop for decorative cosmetics seller, Diva Nice. You can buy powders, eye shadows, lipstick and even depilatory tapes and adhesive nails at diva-nice.cz

2013-11-09 Veritably.cz Brno Real Estate company

Veritably.cz is a real estate company from Brno, with 15 years of experience in the field. Write.cz created made them a real estate and CMS system + website.

2013-10-24 Missha Praha Beauty from Korea in Prague

Korean company Missha has opened second retail shop in Czech Republic, after Brno came Prague. See the Write.cz-made presentation @ MisshaPraha.cz

2013-10-10 Shopsel.de leaflets and discounts in Germany

In cooperations with great AkcniCeny.cz team we've launched new server for german retail chains – Shopsel.de offering discounts and leaflets in North Rhine-Westphalia area. Website is based on technologies successfully used for AkcniCeny.cz, Promoceny.pl and Zlacnene.sk projects programmed and co-designed by Write.cz

2013-09-05 We are working!

We keep on doing good stuff! There is a new coupon section at AkcniCeny.cz, we're optimising PneuKvalitne.cz website and launching new website selling fashion jewellery – Goldes.cz. Yet not much time left for writing news. Back to work! :)

2013-03-30 PIXI knihy Publishing house

Famous Conni brings her little girl adventures to Czech Republic! Small books about Conni, known in 20 countries of 3 continents, are published in our country thanks to PIXI knihy company. We're glad to take a part in this occasion by building PIXI knihy website.

2013-02-18 Archvision Young design and technical solutions

Archvision offers complex design and technical solutions when it comes to living and commercial spaces. This young company focuses on architecture, projection, visualisations, engineering a project realisation. Check out their website created by Write.cz

2013-01-23 Pohosteni u Sroubka Great lunch menus!

Stylish restaurant Pohoštění u Šroubka located in Brno - Židenice, daily satisfies tastes of many hungry visitors. If you by a chance get into proximity of Táborská street, don't miss an opportunity to have a good lunch here. Take a look at the interesting restaurant concept and menu.

2013-01-02 Nail Expert Nail Specialist – e-shop and CMS

Nail Expert is a Magento powered eshop for nail design profesionals, offering all required liquids and tools needed for nail treatment. Nail Expert is also an promentional website of Studio Nail Expert nail care services, training and retraining courses and instructional videos by Tsonyu Petev, world champion in nail design. 

2012-06-27 Glanet.eu First class glass nail files

We're glad to add a new Glanet website to our portfolio today. Glanet is a manufacturer of glass nail files, tool used for nail treatment, exquisite for its great lifetime functionality, nail chiping prevention and hygienic qualities. On top of that, Glanet glass nail files look very good painted, glass sanded or even hand engraved. Check out the new & swell Glanet website to see them all!

2012-05-15 Honest building company Poctivá stavební s.r.o.

(Really honest building company) ... is hard to find. There is one at least :)  Poctivá stavební s.r.o.  might be translated as The Honest Building Co., Ltd.. so they take honesty seriously! And we did our best to create quality website for them, too!

2012-05-08 New internet presentation The World Puzzle Federation

The World Puzzle Federation joins fans of puzzles around the world, supervising World Puzzle Championship and World Sudoku Championship. On top of that, they have a new website written by Write.cz!

2012-03-06 SEO - summer tires pneu-kvalitne.cz

After a good winter season, now we are cooperate with eshop pneu-kvalitne.cz to make an SEO optimalization for keywords winter tires and alloy wheels.

2012-02-03 New Shopping List AkcniCeny.cz

Make your shopping easier on you with redesigned AkcniCeny.cz Shopping List! Create your shopping lists intuitively using iconic interface. Print, share, SMS, email your shopping lists or use mobile version to uncheck individual items right at the shop. We love new Shopping List and hope you'll enjoy your shopping more with it.

2011-12-22 PF 2012

Have a lot of health, happiness and success in 2012!

2011-12-13 Reichard Modelsport Magento Eshop Complete Realisation

Reichard Modelsport is an old and well known brand among RC modelers. Reichard RC models are gathering international prices and recognition for 60 years. The new Reichard Modelsport eshop, created by Write.cz on top of time-tested Magento platform is connected to accounting and stock systém Pohoda and updated daily using XML feeds of 3rd party suppliers - including product descriptions, pictures, videos, manuals etc. The result is well-arranged and content-rich eshop with full offer of RC models and wide spectre of modelers accessories.

2011-10-12 New Magento hosting finally server only for Magento

We´ve finally got a new server only for Magento. Fash HDD´s, 16 GB RAM and fast connectivity. If you are also solving problems with Magento hosting, let us know, we´ve got space for 5 more Magento eshops.

2011-10-12 FASHIONPEOPLE.cz customizations of Magento

We´ve just finished customizations of Magento e-shop on www.fashionpeople.cz. First order is on the world so keep going.

2011-10-02 Catalogue or how to ease Magento

Magento is undoubtedly great ecommerce system. But we know it is very demanding. Therefore we just developed a new catalogue, connected to Magento, which can associate suppliers and their similar goods, pricing and a lot of others. Finally we can use Magento as a great sales system.

2011-09-26 Gallery Petr Novotný

We´ve just finished custom system which manage exhibitions, artists and their works. You can find the galleries in Kuřim galery ad-astra or in Prague gallery Petr Novotný.

2011-09-23 AkčníCeny.cz redesign

We´ve just launched and still working on last bugs on the project redesign of AkčníCeny.cz. Big thanks to Vítek, who made a great graphics and also to Dušan for endless hours in the implementation.

2011-09-15 Real Garant new webdesign

We just finished re-design of Real Garant.cz, real estate company in Brno. 

2011-08-24 Winter SEO first positive results

We´ve got first positive results in SEO for PNEU-kvalitně.cz

  • Barum Polaris 3 - masterfully first
  • zimní pneu - on the first page on both search engines Google even Seznam
  • batteries Varta configurator is also going well.

So keep going..

2011-08-24 Slevopolis.cz graphics

Small redesign of portal Slevopolis.cz - graphics by Write.cz

2011-08-17 Backlinks get a lot of relevant backlinks

Just for you, visitors and customers of write.cz, we offer time and quantitavely limited offer to obtain direct links from senteces and articles from the websites with page rank 1-3.

2011-08-15 Allmark.cz e-shop with fashion, clothes and shoes

We just finished modifications of Magento open-source on domain Allmark.cz. We hope now nothing defends to launch the shop.

All the best to the project and a lot of fashion customers.

2011-08-11 OknoShop.cz videos plastic windows and doors installation

For OknoShop.cz, plastic windows eshop, we created videos about installation. Performers were delighted but now they are solving problem with their boss, who wants them to do so quickly as on the video.

2011-07-22 Battery configurator finally simple search of batteries

We launch new battery configurator of car, moto and truck batteries Varta. We hope that this simple tool will help in searching batteries on the internet.

2011-07-20 New category on SKLADEM.eu cool gadgets

There is a new category on SKLADEM.eu, e-shop which offers only goods in stock. Cool gadgets and presents will definitely make you even your friends laugh.

2011-07-20 SEO winter season is comming

We are slowly starting to do SEO for our client - eshop PNEU-kvalitne.cz. Winter season is still far away, but we don´t like to underestimate anything. We launch two more minisites and you don´t forget that using of winter tires on czech roads is required.

2011-07-14 Moving webhostings the two oldschool machines are finally gone

After few months of gradual moving webhostings to new servers, we are probably in the end. And the two oldschool machines are going to work just for Honza´s testing. Just find place for them in our Brno offices.

Now back to reality and good works.

2011-06-20 Lenka Olšanská koučování a konzultace

English text not available, displaying Czech text.

Je za námi další malý projekt postavený na CMS na míru s použitím nette. Lence přejeme, ať ji nový web přinese mnoho nových zákazníků a nových příležitostí pro koučink a konzultace v Brně.

2011-06-09 Rare Items tweaks that can not buy elsewhere

Dance pads, illuminated caps or game controllers. Just tweaks you can buy only on www.rare-items.eu. New and well done e-shop based on Magento with advanced custom functions.

2011-05-31 Zľavy na mape konečne už aj na Slovensku

English text not available, displaying Czech text.

Po vzoru českých Slev na mapě přichází i slovenská verze oblíbeného vyhledávání slev na mapě, tentokrát tedy Zľavy a kupóny na mape. A další náš evropský soused už se může také těšit...

2011-05-12 Kyoprint.cz new design

Kyoprint.cz in a new coat. We hope the new design, created by themselves, has brought them more customers and if you are just looking for a supplier of business cards, New Year´s or different notice, you know where to go...

2011-04-26 Archmanic architectural studio

Website of architectural studio Archmanic, architectural studies, building design and interior design.

2011-04-12 OKNOSHOP.cz plastic windows e-shop

One of the projects that we really enjoyed. Finally, in the world. Plastic windows e-shop box with a unique configurator of plastic windows and accessories.

read more

2011-04-07 Alfaslevy.cz discount aggregator

Write.cz added a complete graphics for a new discount aggregator Alfaslevy.cz, which expanded the portfolio of company Retail Info s.r.o.

2011-04-07 DIA-LOG diabetes

Diabetes association DIA-LOG helps diabetics with their disease. They advise diabetics how to cook, organize training courses, coaching and recondition stays. Write.cz wish to DIA-LOG many happy clients and hope that their new websites will bring them new clients.

2011-03-28 Discounts on the map discounts, vouchers on the map

Do you like discounts? Who wouldn´t. Portal Akcni Ceny.cz has a new member in project family - discount coupons and vouchers on the map. Simply find your location and enjoy discounts in your place.

2011-01-31 Jan Hanuš gallery

Look at the artistic production of Jan Hanus, photographer and artist. Except the creation of images using acrylic paints is Honza also interested in professional photography and graphic design.

2011-01-21 Old-timer.cz service and renovation of classic cars

Are you also looking for your own veteran, which will takes you out each Sunday? Check out the new site Old Timer and if you can feel the cigar smoke from the billiards bar in 60th, so we are just pleased ...

2011-01-18 JAMU.cz e-shop

Are you interested in the semiotic aspects of musical composition to the present scenic dance or are you more attracted theatrical terminology? Anyway, visit the new JAMU e-shop and choose the correct publication of the editorial work of the Janackova akademie muzickych umeni. The project built on Magento extended warehouse management module.

2010-11-15 Autohorák.cz service station Brno

Looking for quality service station in Brno? Look at Autohorák.cz and visit one of the two branches in Brno - whether you need a new car battery or a certified tire or you have a problem with your car. Another project built on Magento.

2010-10-21 TopKonstrukt.cz solving your modern projects

Before the TopKonstrukt project we did not know how broad the opportunities are now offered in LED lighting, especially the street lighting. When our City Halls find these options? Anyway, nice design (except logo - not our work), isn´t it? 

2010-09-29 Write.cz a new address

So finally even the table football has its own office. From the sixth floor in Královo pole, we moved into third in Židenice - and the more we like it here. Come look for us on the Chudobova street, no. 35 in Brno  Židenice ...

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2010-09-13 iSPOTREBICE.cz home appliances e-shop

Are you in Třebíč or neighborhood? Or actually any part of the Czech Republic? E-shop iSPOTREBICE was born. It offers more than 20,000 items, convenient delivery across the country and a personal pick ups in 7 locations in CZ, inc. Trebic. Well, just another project based on Magento, which surprises us every day more and more ...

2010-04-28 PNEU-kvalitne.cz alu wheels, tires, batteries

Alu wheels, tires, car batteries, chargers. So that we have seemed almost every night last few weeks ... Look at PNEU-kvalitne.cz, they offer not only great prices, their own supplies, express delivery, but also a comfortable delivery in Brno on the day of order.

2009-11-26 SKLADEM.eu all items in stock

Do you also like shopping online, but expect to receive ordered goods in the shortest time? SKLADEM.eu portal is enjoying growing popularity. The project, whose main task is the fastest possible delivery of ordered goods, offers the possibility not only personal pick up in Brno, Prague, Mlada Boleslav and Zlín, but also express delivery within 24 hours throughout the country. More than 14,000 items available immediately. It is worth visiting ...

2009-11-26 Alfa Agency Australia and New Zealand specialist

Manager, or junior college. Nowadays, everyone needs to know at least one foreign language. Alfa Agency, our esteemed client, offers study stays almost all over the world and work-learning English programs, such as in New Zealand.