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SEO optimalization & marketing SEO, SEM, PPC, online even offline marketing

It is true that beautiful and functional Web site is the foundation for successful business on the Internet. This is true of e-commerce web sites also presenting your business on the web.

But how to get visitors to your site? How to please Google and Seznam? And what is the best way to promote your brand? In Write.cz knows how to do it ...


SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What does this mean? Search engines Google and Seznam.cz does not rank web sites according to appearance and clarity than the human eye. They focus on different criteria, and those are undoubtedly: 

  • SEO friendly texts - quality, original, structured and well written 
  • correctly and efficiently completed meta information (title, description, keywords) 
  • quality and relevant backlinks to your website 
  • regular updating and optimizing website content 



The concept of SEM or Search Engine Marketing in itself involves not only SEO, but overall Internet marketing. These include:

  • PPC campaign management (pay-per-click) the purchase of preferential paid links by Google Adwords, Sklik, Facebook, Etarget, AdFox etc.
  • linkbuilding
  • exchange links with suitable partners with a similar focus
  • other forms of advertising on thematically similar sites (banners, text ads, PR articles, press releases ...)